While the world of fashion is continuously evolving, one trend that continues to emerge that isn’t going to go away anytime soon is ethical and organic clothing.  The way we look at the world and our role in looking after the global environment is also changing constantly, and fashion is one of the bigger ways in which we, as individuals, can take responsibility and have a real, lasting impact on the future of the planet.

We explored the garments that typically seen as the most trendy and stylish in the organic and ethical categories. Contrary to what you may already think, acquiring these won’t cost you the Earth, but by wearing them, you’ll be doing a lot to save it.

Hemp T-Shirts

While organic cotton and even bamboo have traditionally been the leaders in terms of tops, hemp is quickly emerging as a leading material when it comes to the production of eco-clothing. Its ease of growth is one of the key reasons behind its increasing popularity, however many countries restrict or ban the planting of seeds due to the potential of the plants to be sold for drug use.

That said, the countries that do allow for hemp production are often prolific at doing so, especially as it is used in many health foods and supplements, too. Hemp t-shirts are definitely the way forward when it comes to eco-fashion this year, so look out for them coming to a store in your town.

Organic Wool

The popularity of organic wool is another that is fast-growing, although given that it is still a reasonably new trend, and there is currently a short supply, the prices can be a little higher.

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Still, it appears in more and more garments, and if you are looking to dress ethically, you should be looking at jumpers, cardigans, and accessories that are produced from organic wool.

Shoes and Boots

Buying items that come from organic sources is not the only way to dress ethically. The recycling of products to be used in the fashion industry is becoming more common, and one of the main beneficiaries of this is the footwear sector.

Soles for boots and shoes are increasingly being made, at least partially, from recycled rubber, often from discarded tires, which can cause massive environmental damaged if burnt or otherwise disposed of. Timberland even has a range of boots where the sole is 100% recycled rubber, meaning you can look stylish in a contemporary brand while feeling great about where your footwear comes from.

Make the most of the opportunity to show your colours when it comes to eco-clothing, in terms of the bigger picture you will be making a small, yet important, difference.


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