Shoes, aside from diamonds, are a woman’s best friend. You will never have enough of it. Shoe shopping is every girl’s guilty pleasure. Of course, there’s no type of shoe more loved than heels. Those are many things to a woman. It’s their ultimate confidence booster. There’s nothing more impressive that women rocking 6-inch heels(or higher if they dare.)

However, how great is your heel game? Are you familiar with all kinds of heels that exist in the market? If you don’t, don’t fret sister. There are only few people in the world who can boast knowing all of them by memory.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a glossary of different kinds of heels to make your life easier. Now you don’t have to remember all of them. You can just look them up here. We’ve generously included some style tips that would help you rock each of them right.

Different Types Of Heels

Peep Toes

Types of Heels #1 – peep Toes

You probably own a pair or two of this type of heel. As the name suggests, it’s the shoes with your toe peeping at the tip. They go way back and they never go out of style. The peep toes are one of the most common types of shoes in the market.

How to wear it:

Peep toes show your feet’s fingers. Never wear them with dead toenails. If you can wear bright and daring nail polish colors to accentuate your nails. Match it up with confident looking clothes. Go for fitted dresses and skinny jeans.



This type of heel is for ladies who are confident but not that bold. Wedges are more comfortable than any other type of shoes. They’re easier to walk around in, and they make you taller. If you want the extra height but cannot rock the stilettos, this is your next-best choice.

Wedges don’t choose their girls. They work well with anything.



This is the holy grail of heels. They make songs about this type of shoes. When it comes to stilettos, the higher the better. They’re hard to walk around in and may take some practice, but they’re very rewarding. Nothing can boost your confidence better than a sensible pair of stilettos.

Many people wear stilettos to work. They go well with anything, especially the black ones. They’re best used in formal gatherings or parties.

Platform Heels

Platform Heels

When you think of platform heels, think of wedges but with extra padding at in front too. These shoes are a little heavy to carry, but if you need the extra height, then this is your friend. They’re very comfy too. You can wear them all day without being sore.

Platform heels are a hit miss. It really depends on your get up, on whether or not they’ll work on you. They can do dresses as well as jeans. They even work with balloon jeans sometimes.

Cut Out

Cut Out heels

These are very sexy heels but a little hard to pull off. They have many different designs and plenty of colors. They’re very popular, especially with children, given their complex designs. These are very common heels. You might even have a couple of them in your collection.

These heels don’t work with everything. It depends on the color and the design of the cutout, as to whether or not they’ll look good in that dress. You’ll have to mix and match a little to make it work on you.

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Sling Back

Sling Back

If you like stilettos but feel a little choked on its overall design, go for sling backs. They’re essentially the same, except they have straps to secure them to your feet instead of being closed shoes.

They work best with dresses, but they’ll look cute in everything.

French Heels

French Heels

When you say French heels, your mind immediately plays Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette movie. It’s not wrong. You drooled for all the shoes in that movie. This is what they’re called, and you’re in luck. They’re still around. You can get one for yourself.

French heels are pretty, but they’re kinda hard to rock in anything. If you’re going loli or for a little vintage feel, then these are your girls.

Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

If you don’t like shoes that hold your feet, then try the kitten heels. It’s a sandal with little heels. They’re very comfy and always plain. They’re great for casual outings and gatherings where you expect to do a lot of walking.

These shoes are for plain clothes. You probably shouldn’t wear to the met gala. They’ll do great for dates and picnics though.



This type of heel is like stilettos only they’re a little lower.

Like stilettos, these go well with everything.


oxfords heels

This is a type of heel that you’ll never encounter in stores. These shoes look like old leather shoes only with heels. They’re somewhat similar to the French shoes but instead of cute, they mean elegant and formal.

You can’t just wear oxfords anywhere. Unless you’re going for a Victorian era feel, you probably won’t be able to wear them. You could try, though. Sometimes they work for jeans, but it depends on your overall look.

Chunky Heels

chunky heels

If you’re a 90’s kid, you might have owned a pair of these in your childhood. Chunky heels were a thing in the 90s. It’s something that you’ll see someone like Britney or Hillary Mcduff would be wearing. It has a very chunky heel, hence the name.

Pair these heels with funky clothes or Google fashion from the 90s. It works well with those.

Comma Heels

Comma Heels

These are heels that you can live the rest of your life without encountering. They’re not very comfortable. You’d have to be on a certain level in order to rock these shoes right. They’re most seen strutting in galas and runways.

Practice walking at home before taking them anywhere. They work well with dresses or on anything that looks camp.

Spool heels

Spool heels

These shoes are very cute. Like the chunky heels, they look like they came out of the 90s. They’re very comfy and are easy to walk around in. They’re open all around so your feet should be able to breathe just fine.

These shoes are great for everyday use. They go well with everything.

There are more kinds of heels out there. There are just the most common of them. Don’t be that girl. Go out and try to collect as many as you can. This list just proves that you haven’t even experienced half of what the world of heels has to offer.


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