Among the planet’s most talked about beautiful royals, Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco is the fourth daughter of Princess Caroline. She owns numerous talents such as horse riding, modelling, skiing, and magazine editing. This queen is highly regarded among the elite social circle in Europe. As a result of the astonishing good looks, Princess Charlotte of Monaco is currently one of the riding models of the world-renowned brand, Gucci.

Wondering what her beauty, cosmetics and fitness secrets are?

Physical Fitness:

  • Aside from being stylish, this royal attractiveness is very fond of her physical look. To be able to keep her endurance and slender figure, the queen involves herself in several sports activities.
  • She’s super athletic and incredibly enthusiastic about horse riding, which she indulges in each week. She is also a big fan of skiing, swimming and snowboarding.

Eat Right To Look Bright:

  • The Charlotte princess of Monaco follows a healthy and balanced diet directly from her adolescent years.
  • 5 small meals a day is her mantra for keeping her weight even after giving birth to her first son, Raphael.
  • It’s no wonder why we have not ever seen this gifted princess put on a few extra pounds.
  • She makes sure to read the labels on food bottles cautiously and check for the number of calories published on it. The princess definitely knows how to keep those calories at bay! She had said in an interview that she thinks there is no such thing as good or bad food, but the trick is to eat only when needed.
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Beauty, Makeup And Hairstyle:

  • This bronze-skinned beauty was known for her bold eyebrows and organic long locks. Although her thick brows-look hasn’t changed at all, she has let herself go when it has to do with her looks.
  • She will be adventurous and dons varied appearances. Sometimes she goes with an aqua lining and in other times, she chooses to get darker shades of pink and red.
  • She requires a very light base coat because she doesn’t have too many scars or deformities to conceal.
  • Blessed with a wholesome skin, she also takes great care of it at the country’s occurring beauty salons.
  • She tickles her stylish and classy lips in extravagant colours, right from nude gloss to pink and glossy reds. With long and thick hair, she knows exactly how to play with it together.
  • Sometimes she sports a plain school-girl type braid or possibly a fancy hairstyle. She’s now the face of Gucci Cosmetics.

Keeping It Lively:

  • This mother of one infant boy knows how to maintain her mental and physical equilibrium. She keeps herself occupied with personal events, fashion shows, charity and work events.
  • A philosophy graduate from Paris, she is also a writer and editor. Her bi-annual magazine focuses on the endangered environment.
  • She also will help raise funds for the Princess Grace Foundation which assists upcoming talent in dance, films, and theatre through scholarships.
  • Keeping herself occupied and also spending some quality time for herself is her mantra for keeping her outer and inner beauty.

Style Record:

  • None of her modern royal beauties is a favourite of the media compared to Princess Charlotte Casiraghi. She’s a fresh and enchanting dressing sense that makes her stand out of another socialite.
  • She’s an ideal sense to dress to the occasion. She fits readily into all kinds of apparel that includes wearing suits, formals, cocktail dresses, or even a dazzling evening dress.
  • This clever yet trendy beauty ensures that heads turn around in awe whenever she makes an appearance.
  • Her sense of humor, beautiful looks and fashion sense are what we love about this gorgeous princess.
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Now that you know just how Princess Charlotte of Monaco manages to seem so amazing, why not try and appear beautiful. Try these beauty secrets that we gleaned from the princess and become a diva yourself!

Do you find Charlotte Princess of Monaco inspirational? Who’s your inspiration in regards to beauty and fitness? Do share with us from the comment section.


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