Do you ever think to yourself, “I hate big fat wallets!”, but continue to use one? There are so many benefits for men to slim down in the wallet department and tips on how to keep your wallet slim and junk-free.

First, the appearance of the slim wallet. The appearance of a big hefty wallet in the back pocket of a man’s pants gives an uneven look to his backside. A full heavy wallet will give a man droopy, saggy pants and wear out one side of the fabric, often creating holes in his pants. Not to mention the smartphone in the front pants pocket and a handful of change in the other front pocket, it’s no wonder a man’s pants don’t just fall off with all that weight in his pockets.

It’s unappealing to women, and even has the possibility of losing something out of a hole. How irresponsible! If a man wants to look slim and put together, the first thing to do is to have a slim wallet.

Second, the organization of a slim wallet. Have you ever seen a man standing at the cashier paying for something with a big, unorganized wallet? He’s left fishing for credit cards at the cashier with old receipts falling out and personal information on tiny pieces of paper floating around.

He might as well have brought his entire filing cabinet and Rolodex. Having a big, fat wallet shows the world that a man is careless, messy, and reckless. What a great message a man can give about himself by carrying a slim wallet and keeping it clutter-free. Just another reason to leave everyone thinking, I hate big fat wallets!

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Third, a slim wallet shows that a man is technology savvy. There are so many ways in this era of technology to help a man keep a slim, fashionable, clutter-free wallet. Business cards and phone numbers can easily be kept in the information ‘cloud’ and accessed from a laptop or smartphone from anywhere. Old receipts can be scanned into computers and transferred in by financial software keeping track of money spent. Store reward cards and coupons are a thing of the past; they now can now be accessed on a smartphone with barcodes when at a store checkout.

And lastly, a big, fat wallet gives an impression about a man’s age. Do men prefer to appear old and stodgy with saggy pants and an overflowing wallet with papers from ten years ago tucked away, or do men prefer to look young and smart, with a slim wallet with all information safely organized in a password-protected account accessed by a smartphone or computer?

When a man carries a slim wallet, he looks fashionable, slim, put together, smart, and up to date. A man really sends many messages by the type of wallet he carries. He sends messages about who he is, his habits, his financial health, and his technological know-how.
Just more reasons for every man to want to carry a slim wallet and leave everyone thinking, “I hate big fat wallets!”


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