It is not surprising that the entire world adores Priyanka Chopra, aka Piggy Chops so far! She isn’t only amazing, but can also be multi-talented. Following her stint as Miss World, she moved forward to develop into a popular and successful actress. She’s directing a thriving career as a performer, singer, celebrity, and philanthropist.

Piggy Chops is also famous for being connected with lots of brands such as the skincare manufacturer Garnier. She has worked with UNICEF to increase child rights and create knowledge about schooling for women.

Below is the breakdown of her famous attractiveness care patterns and goods!


Priyanka is that which we predict, a dusky beauty. She has her own signature appearance and relaxation zone, which she seldom spans, even at the movies she operates on. You are able to see her images reveal her proclivity to create her cheekbones and eyes even more notable, while her lips have been intentionally kept naked (or neutral). She normally chooses to perform her lips down, likely because she wishes to draw attention away from them, or since they’re rather voluptuous.

She’s great hair that’s always coloured or streaked and organized in a fashion which suits whatever she’s wearing. She asserts that sexy oil is just one of the greatest things to unwind her after a long, exhausting day, and in addition, it retains her own hair softer and more manageable.

Sexy oil is a fantastic nourishing broker, and also the trick to an excellent hot oil massage would be to heat until the oil is lukewarm (approximately 40-50 degree centigrade, not burning warm ) and apply it on your hair, massaging root to tip. Leaving it for almost 30 minutes to an hour, then wash it off using a fantastic shampoo will offer the finest outcomes.

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Priyanka follows a normal diet and skincare program, and that she drinks lots of water. She enjoys drinking water, also favours food that’s stewed, fried or baked.

It’s essential for all to drink a great deal of water to maintain their system clean and also the body well-hydrated. Drinking around 8 glasses of water each day is prescribed by most physicians. But please be aware that aerated drinks aren’t the replacements for water.

For her lips, Priyanka prefers to employ fresh lotion that’s formed in addition to milk. She states that it can help to moisturize and nourish her lips when implemented immediately.

She favours nude browns and pinks because of her lips and can be seldom seen wearing darker colours of lipstick.

Priyanka advises individuals to maintain their lips nourished and well-moisturized, particularly during the winter months.

Priyanka is seldom seen without a great blush, also is regarded as a lover of peachy pink sunglasses lighter or lighter colours of peach-brown.

Apparently, because of her lips, she loves Nars Orgasm, that will be among those signature blushes in the manufacturer, and among the very well-known blushes on earth! Though pricey, NARS Orgasm is unquestionably a go-to blush for beauties over NC 40, using yellowish tones in their own skin.

Makeup Alternatives:

Priyanka goes with MAC goods for her eyes, swearing from the Blacktrack Fluidline in the brand, in Addition to MAC Teddy. For her skin, she also utilizes MAC Studiofix base (NC 43) and Bobbi Brown concealer, that are just two products that she cannot do without. She also asserts she uses a fantastic piece of lotion to keep her skin soft and supple and prepared for whichever cosmetics she places on.

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So you understand what your favourite Bollywood celebrity keys are, which of them are you after?


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