Stretch chinos used to mean dad pants with an elastic waistband. But oh, how times have changed. Now, owning a pair of chinos with stretch fabric means plenty of comfort, mobility & endless style. See them in action with these three Stylist-approved starter looks.

Get a comfy lead. See how to wear stretch chinos in three essential colors.

How to Wear Chino Pants


Chinos and khakis often get mixed up, but here’s an easy separation point: Chinos were traditionally seen as semi-formal wear due to their lightweight & tapered construction. Khakis, on the other hand, lean more casual with relaxed (translation: baggy) fits. But rules sch-mules. With the emergence of casual styles, the chino has turned into a versatile closet go-to for every guy. And with stretch, they’re now a necessity.

How to Wear Chino Pants

How To Nail Work Casual Chino Style

Chinos make a great addition to casual wear. Match them up with a play-it-cool button-up and tee for a relaxed yet work appropriate style. And for the shoes? Surprise them all by choosing the chukka boot over sneakers.

How to Wear Chino Pants

How To Nail Semi-Formal Chino Style

A pullover sweater is generally considered casualwear, but that really depends on the fabric. Take a pullover made of cashmere or upgraded supima cotton, and pair that up with a gingham shirt for a touch of color. Add the chino to round out a more formal look.

How to Wear Chino Pants

How To Nail Weekend Chino Style

Don’t forget the chino during the weekend. Although it’s common to dress down with your favorite jeans, a pair of chinos can bring the same relaxed vibe to your Saturdays and Sundays. Keep the balance between formal and casual going with a classic polo and a great pair of leather sneakers.


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