Halloween is one of the most fun holidays, (after Christmas of course) when dressing like someone you wish you could be in real life takes on a life of its own. Elaborate wigs, dresses, and stage costumes are great, but if you are pressed for time and money, dressing as a movie-inspired character can be easy and cheap.

The Hunger Games is one of the top movies of 2012, and the sequel is sure to be as big. To dress as Katniss, all you need is a leather jacket, boots, a leather pouch and a bow and arrow. ( Make sure the bow and arrow are of the fake type). Premium Rush was another hit movie, and it could not be easier to come as Wilee, the bike messenger. A bike helmet, racing gloves, and a big backpack will do the trick.

Frankenweenie was a cute animated movie that would be easy to dress as with a lab coat, latex gloves, and some goggles. If you want an authentic Frankenweenie costume, head to Amazon and pick it up for $32.29

Stacee Jaxx, “Rock of Ages” ageing rock star is easy to dress as. Pick up a fur coat from the nearest Goodwill, tie a bandana around your forehead, and rock it out.

Princess Merida from “Brave” is easy enough if you are a true redhead. A bow and arrow, a velvet gown and voila, Merida you are.

Bane was the epitome of evil in Dark Knight Rises and with some ingenuity and a few straws: you too can wear the mask of Bane. All you need are cargo pants, flack vest and a respirator (glue the straws on the mask) and evil will roam the Halloween parties.

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Batman from Dark Knight Rises, Cat Woman, Spiderman, and Superman are still trending this year for Halloween. If you do not have tights in various colours and masks for your eyes, you may want to head out to your favourite Cosplay store and rent or purchase the persona you most would like to be. Have fun this Halloween, be a movie character.


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