One of the most versatile pieces of clothing is the dress. Dresses come in infinite variations. These variations can be expressed in the neckline, pattern, style, sleeve, length, and even sleeve style. These variations provide a great deal of opportunity for women to become creative in their approach to fashion. One of the most common variations that women play with is length. The length can vary from being very short to being ankle length or beyond.

One of the most versatile lengths is the mid-length or knee-length dress. There are so many different ways that you can go with a knee-length dress. Knee-length dresses, such as tunic dresses, provide the versatility that allows a woman to show enough leg to be sassy and sexy while covering enough to be classy. Knee-length dresses can be found to cover the entire spectrum of the fashion, from formal, to casual. When you pair a knee-length dress with the appropriate accessories, they can fit almost any occasion.

Because of their popularity, you find knee-length dresses in nearly any style anywhere, whether online, a boutique, or a department store.

Why Knee-Length?

The knee-length dress creates the greatest versatility, accommodating different body types, sizes, and heights. There is no end to what you can do with a mid-length dress. This type of dresses also provides that ultra-feminine appearance that women look for.

There is no shortage of choices in styles and colors in the marketplace when it comes to knee-length dresses. When you choose the right size and style, a knee-length dress will accentuate your feminine silhouette in a very flattering way. According to eBay, the market place is full of style fabrics and colors when it comes to knee-length dresses. You can find inline or flare styles, as well as strapless or fitted. There is literally a dress for any situation and color scheme.

Homecoming Dresses

During the beginning of a new school term, homecoming dresses are very popular. A new trend has witnessed a surge in the popularity of mid-length homecoming dresses. Some have opted for the sleeker inline style, while others have chosen to go with a more flared look. Either way, there is so much that can be done with a knee-length homecoming dress. From the accessories to the shoes. The choices are endless.

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You can choose straps, strapless, or even sleeveless. The normally mild weather conditions during homecoming season open up the gamut as for as possibilities are concerned.

Weddings and Formal Dinners

According to Real Simple, even in a fashion liberal world, there are still some dos and don’ts. The key is to let the occasion and the season dictate what you are to wear. When it comes to color and weddings, there is only one big no-no — don’t wear white. Black can be a little dark for a wedding, but you may be able to pull it off. You can always ask the Bride or the maid of honor for suggestions on colors. Remember, this is the one time that you don’t want to be the most beautiful women in the building. It is terribly bad etiquette to upstage the Bride on her special day.

Knee-Length Dresses and Boots Desiree Stimpert, a fashion expert, says that knee-length dresses present a great opportunity to show off your boots. There was a time when boots and dresses were an absolute no-no; according to Desiree, this is no longer the case. She says that there are a number of benefits associated with wearing boots with your dress – the first being – it’s a good way to show off your boots. The knee-length dress will leave your boots totally exposed.

Desiree says that it can be a very flattering combination as well; the taller the boot style, the more this rings true.

Depending on how you accessorize them, knee-length dresses provide the range to allow you to span the full spectrum of your creative fashion mind. You can find the right dress for a formal setting, or you can find one that will be perfect for a picnic or a walk on the beach.


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