A summer holiday evokes the thought of beaches, barbeque and cocktail parties. Intermixed with your summer dreams is the reality of office life. Summer necessitates wearing fashionable and cool clothing that shows equality in function and appearance. No matter what you will do on your Cyprus holidays, there are many opportunities for you to put your style and fashion on display.

Looking like a Professional

Although you are going for a summer holiday in Cyprus, this does not mean you only need beach clothing. There is always a time that you need to look like a professional, especially when meeting people in informal gatherings. Therefore, it is ideal to be ready and pack summer business wear with you on your trip. This time you need to put away your dark suits and black shoes because summer calls for lighter tans and khakis. Although charcoal and navy are appropriate choices for a conservative environment, a summary alternative would be light grey. Pairing pastel blues, pinks and greens with these lighter shades will create a fashion statement for your summer holiday outfit.

A Cool Summer Feet

A Cool Summer Feet

Summer holidays does not only require you to wear flip-flops and sandals. More stylish options include fashionable canvas as well as monotone leather sneakers in grey or white. When wearing your professional outfit in business casual settings, leather sneakers would be the perfect match for a suit.

The Summer Evening Wear

Summer Evening Wear

Although it is acceptable to wear a tan suit during the day, when it comes to a summer evening wear, suits and tuxedos should always be black. For a more formal event, you can choose darker clothing which extends to the belts and shoes. The best option for evening wear is midnight that looks like black in certain lighting and richer in tone with an added slight hint of color. The general rule is that when the occasion starts at past six, lighter shades should be returned to the wardrobe. For semi-formal events, however; it may be ideal for wearing charcoal or medium grey.

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Summer Casual Wear

Summer casual outfit usually implies fewer articles of clothing. Although many would prefer to simply throw in T-shirt and shorts, creating a fashion statement requires better options for clothing. You can team your trim cut short with an unconventional chambray shirt. You must also include accessories in your outfits such as stylish sunglasses, beautiful hats, colorful bracelets, and appropriate shoes. These are your viable options to punch up a unique summer look. Fewer pieces of clothing mean there would be more attention to be paid for it. Wearing a lightweight jacket over polo in the evening may add a little style to your casual wear.

It is important to consider your style, budget, preferences, and comfort when choosing an outfit to wear in every activity that you will do during your summer holidays. Make sure to complete your wardrobe with the appropriate clothing to ensure that you can have just about anything that you need for every occasion.


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