When it comes to the latest urban fashion, we always look to the celebrities for style inspiration. Whoever you decide to reference, urban style is only truly appreciated if you settle into it with your own personal flavor.

Bring your style to the next level with these four urban trends we think you should try!

One of the A-list celebrities known for her style influence is Cara Delevingne. Anyone with interest in fashion knows exactly who this model/actress/part-time singer is, and we all agree her urban apparel clothing styles are exceptional. Cara always shows up with something extraordinary. Her ability to carry any styles, from elegant black lace gown to baseball shirt, makes her one of the unique models – not to mention those eyebrows.

Cara Delevingne urban style

Cara usually shows up with plaids these days. Plaid is a classic urban clothes pattern. It comes with different designs and colors. Cara’s favorites are red and green. To follow her style, we suggest you try a plaid-on-plaid look. If you are not familiar with it, try light-on-dark theory, i.e., wearing the light urban plaid shirt on dark plaid pants.

Lana Del Rey is another star who has recently appeared with plaids. In a different way from Cara, Lana makes it informal by accessorizing her casual urban style with plaids. Instead of wearing it as tops or bottoms, she knotted it like a skirt worn over her shorts.

Lana Del Rey

If you are looking for a piece of urban clothing that is both functional and gives you the knot-around-the-waist effect, we would like to suggest the Shirt and Skirt convertible piece. URBAN APPAREL is the online place to find exactly this. You can wear the plaid piece either as a shirt or skirt and adapt it to your style variously.

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Hippie and Indie style has always been a favorite urban trend, and no one does it better than Mary-Kate Olsen! But in this article, we are presenting MK in a toned-down look, different from her usual boho style. It’s MK in a white shirt! The classic urban white shirt is a go-to clothing item created for all humans.

Mary-Kate Olsen

An urban white shirt can rule the world. Like MK, choose your white shirt and match it with a statement clutch or a necklace. If you want to make it fun, try a shirt with a funnel collar. Complete your classic urban apparel with the outstanding designs of boots, mirror sunglasses, and that’s all you need.

Last but not least, it’s the CATWOMAN style. You will be surprised at what we could learn from this sexy fictional character with a love-hate relationship with BATMAN. Her signature styles, attitudes, and effortless sexiness are what brings her into the limelight.

So what urban style can be derived from this sexy fictional diva? Try classic urban apparel like a little black dress, especially a black dress with a zip front which gives a sexy edge to an ordinary LBD. Mix it with a little cute cat-ear headband. Complete your CATWOMAN look with grunge urban boots with a creative design like hidden wedge heels.


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