Many men could benefit from having a good bag to carry things from home to work and beyond, but that doesn’t mean they’ll go out and buy one. A backpack might be the furthest most men have ventured into the world of bags, but today’s modern options are anything but nerdy, too preppy or (gasp) feminine. Read on to find out about the best men’s bags to complement any cool masculine style.

Go for a Real Briefcase

Go for a Real Briefcase

Just started a new job? If you just landed that big new position your career move should be accompanied by the right bag- it will even help you look more polished and professional. There’s no need to settle for your grandfather’s boxy old briefcase- go for a modern, sporty style.

Contemporary briefcases are made in fabrics like fine bonded canvas, supple leather, and sophisticated tweed. They’ll have pockets for your cell phone and special protection for laptops and tablets. Choose a briefcase that can be paired with a sharp suit or more casual style when necessary.

A Men’s Shoulder Bag

A Men’s Shoulder Bag

A close cousin of the modern briefcase, a shoulder bag may be slightly more casual- it will of course function in the workplace (let’s face it, most workplaces are requiring significantly less formal dress) but can also be used around town and on the weekends. Shoulder bags are good for guys on the go who need to carry a tablet, paperwork, extra sweater, keys, wallet. You name it.

A Holdall to Hold Everything

A Holdall Bag

Sometimes you just need a bag that can do double, triple, and even quadruple duty. A good holdall can work for the gym, hold all you need for weekend sports, carry a few changes of clothes for a weekend getaway, tote books for school and even help you transport heavier equipment you might need for work.

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For a multipurpose bag like this, you’ll want to choose only the best- it needs to be able to handle the bumps and bruises of the commute and be able to be thrown in the back of your car.

A Rucksack for Hands-Free Convenience

Rucksack Bag

If you’re going to go the rucksack route, you’re probably looking for a convenient way to carry a slightly heavier load and keep your hands free while doing it. Rucksacks are great for cyclists, beachgoers, and people who commute using public transportation. They are also classically, used by students.

Take your style up a notch and go with a rucksack that’s a bit more elegant- you’ll find rucksacks made of sophisticated materials that still have comfortable straps and extra compartments. You can also still find versions that are water-proof and extremely durable, meaning they can be counted on to protect whatever you’re carrying and won’t have to be replaced any time soon.

When choosing the right bag for your lifestyle, it’s always best to a) think about exactly what you’d like to use it for and b) choose one that looks good on you. Don’t be afraid to linger in the store trying it on and imagine how it will look with different outfits. The idea is to let it grow with you and become part of your everyday look.


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