If you really want to impress a girl, then here is a tip for men: – Don’t be a fashion disaster if you are really innocent and are not aware what to wear and what not to then our expert advice will really help you in keeping it all straight. When it comes to fashion, a small mistake in your fashion sense is going to repel all the girls. We are talking about anything that is radical; just learn some basics, and you are easily going to fit in the “presentable plus “category. Here are a few things that every man should know.

Short shorts

short shorts men

As a general rule, if you want to look good avoid anything that is twice Joey wear and short cut-offs are not at all exceptions. Men have hair on their legs, and huge fur on the things and this can turn into pubic hair. This is something that should not be displayed all around.


Hoodies are back in fashion. But it is important that you choose the right color and size according to your hairstyle and color of your skin. Hoodies look great on men and provide them with a cool look. But the oversize and wrong combination of colors can make your cool look a fool, look so be conscious while choosing the color and size.

Colored jeans: – not a good idea

colored jeans

Since skinny jeans which are totally devoted to the Russell brand which was seen squeezing his hips and that pair of tight and bright color jeans, since then fashion police is on red alert. It’s okay that men are trying to express their personalities through color mediums, but this thing if applied to trousers can create disasters. Men should take tips from wear styles and ladies, of course, which is going to suit their body better. Everyone knows that fashion is challenging, but it will be good if taken seriously. Yellow and red jeans are not for men, mind it!

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Waistcoats without a jacket

Waistcoats without a jacket

If you are having a collection of waistcoats, then it will be nice if you reveal it with fashion sense. Waistcoats are dangerous. If executed waistcoats well, then they can do the exact same things which sport coats do; it will simply clean up your lines. Make sure that you are buying the right blazer with it and not choosing the wrong stuff or you might end up looking like you are on the way to a stupid costume party.

Baseball caps

Baseball caps men

It is bitter but true that grown old men wear baseball caps to cover their hair loss. This will completely go unnoticed until they are going to pull on a cap. But if you still want to wear a baseball cap, then there are some rules. Remove the sticker because this is not a part of the style. Wear a cap that perfectly fits your head. There are men who wear caps that are large, but this not the way.

These are the few tips that are going to help you in avoiding the fashion mistakes which usually men commit because of the lack of knowledge or intent. If you are doing this intentionally, then there is no problem it’s okay to follow your heart, but if you are not, then these above-mentioned tips are really going to help you in improving your fashion sense.


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