The hot weather is just around the corner and it’s time brush up on your summer beauty tips!

Ahhhh summer – time to concentrate on enjoying the outdoors with your friends and family – and not worry about melting makeup and wilting hair!

Sometimes we get so caught up in having fun in the sun that we tend to put our care on the backburner! Don’t be that way. That summer sun may feel great, but it can do damage to your skin if you’re not careful. Along with good skin care, here are 21 easy, useful beauty tips you need to get you through the summer.

17 Easy Summer Beauty Tips

These summer beauty tips are ones that anyone can do!

Use an All in One Base

If you aren’t already using a BB or CC Cream, or at least a Tinted Moisturizer – change that now! Look for one that includes an SPF and you’re all set. These go on a little lighter than most regular foundations so go ahead and apply your base with your fingers.

Choose Cream over Powder

Ditch anything powder based and choose cream makeup instead. Powder blush and eye shadows can easily crease and look a little heavy in the summertime.

Consider Primers and Setting Sprays

Applying a primer before and/or a setting spray after applying your makeup will give it longevity throughout even the hottest day.

Waterproof it

Wearing waterproof eye makeup will prevent the dreaded ‘raccoon eye’ look you may get as you sweat.

Matte Lips

A matte lip color, or a stain, will ensure color stays on your lips a lot longer than if using a gloss.

Clean your Skin Thoroughly

Dirt and pollution build up on skin, and natural oils and sweat need to be cleaned off to prevent dulling of the skin and breakouts. Use a cleanser appropriate for your skin type and get it all off.

Don’t forget SPF!

You (hopefully) remember to apply sunscreen before you go enjoy the sunshine – but don’t forget any of the commonly missed areas: feet and toes if you are wearing sandals, ears, back of the neck, lips, and scalp where your hair is parted.

Tan responsibly

Shun the sun and get your glow on using self-tanner. Remarkable improvements have been made over the past few years so you can get that bronze look from a bottle without worrying about turning bright orange.


Plain old sugar – brown or white – makes a fantastic exfoliator that is easy and cheap. Mix with a bit of water (or a bit of liquid olive or coconut oil if your skin is dry) and scrub away those rough heels and elbows.

Reduce Redness

Help to reduce the pain, and redness, of a bad sunburn with either Apple Cider Vinegar or oatmeal added to a lukewarm bath.

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Freeze Aloe Vera

Aloe vera frozen in ice cube trays offers a quick, super refreshing way to soothe any red and hot skin.

Use Antiperspirant

This stuff not only works wonders in the traditional armpit area for preventing sweat marks and stains but applied to your inner thighs or other parts that tend to chafe prevents the uncomfortable redness.

Avoid walking barefoot

Walking barefoot can ‘toughen’ up your feet too much, creating calluses and small cracks. Find a cute, comfortable pair of sandals or water shoes and sport those instead.

Rock your natural hair!

Wild just rolled out of bed messy waves and curls are a totally easy chic look for summer! Scrunch your hair after washing and let it air dry, or braid it while it’s wet then shake out your waves once dry.

Carry Hair clips

Sometimes you just need to get your hair off your neck so be sure to have a few hair ties or clips on hand. Look for ones that will be gentle on your hair with no jagged or rough bits which will snag your hair.

Utilize Sea Salt

Those crunchy, cool waves you get after climbing out of the ocean and letting your hair dry naturally – those are from the salt in the ocean. Even if you don’t live near the ocean, you can find sea salt sprays in any hair care aisle.

Wet your Hair before Jumping in

Dry hair soaks up chlorine and other chemicals your pool may have. A quick rinse to moisten your hair means your hair will stay healthier, and your color will fade slower.

Protect your hair

While the sun can lighten your hair to give you golden tresses, it can also dry it out, cause breakage and fade the color. Try to wear a hat or at least a spray on SPF hair protection when you go outside.

Repair your hair

If you still end up with dry, damaged hair – look no further than your kitchen. Mash up an avocado, a bit of honey, melted coconut oil, and an egg and use it as a hair mask before your next wash to get it back into shape.

Put ice in front of your fan

When it’s hot outside it’s hard to get your beauty sleep! Put a small bucket of ice in front of your fan and notice how your room cools off 20 degrees instantly.

Stay hydrated!

I’ve saved the best for last because this is truly the MOST important tip! Your body loses moisture through sweating and can make you dehydrated and lethargic. Keep a water bottle handy and keep sipping throughout the day.

These simple summer beauty tips are ones that anyone can do!


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