Princess Letizia, a Spanish beauty, portrays the appeal of Hollywood divas and leaves them behind. Unlike a number of other royal beauties (captured in palace gowns and royal tiaras), she adopts a perfect contemporary avatar.

Let us have a look at the 10 effective cosmetics, beauty and fitness secrets of Princess Letizia:

Beauty Secrets:

If we could just have a leaf out of Princess Letizia’s beauty publication, we too can look our best. To help you outside ad to meet all the royal watchers out there, we have compiled this list of the Princess’ beauty trick. Check these out!

1. Golden Hair:

Oh, this sassy and seductive lady is really a royal! Confused or amazed? Unlike a number of other royals, she enjoys sticking to the century. She is mostly seen with straight open hair, but likes to maintain them curled at some evening occasions also. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life and Princess Letizia sure understands that!

2. Black And White:

While this gorgeous princess (currently 41 and a mom of 2) looks magnificent in vibrant colours, white and black are her signature colours. Her wardrobe reveals her devotion towards these two colours. This Spanish queen appeared like a style diva on the day of her wedding. Manuel Pertgaz, a famous fashion designer, has designed various dresses for Princess Letizia, including her wedding gown.

Much like us normal mortals, the princess also loves brands. Her wedding gown created a splash and was high-end couture. It had been woven of silk, had high collars, and was made from lace. She’s generally spotted in knee length black or white bodycon dresses. At a recent event in the royal palace in Madrid, she looked amazing in an elegant black coloured lace gown.

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3. Shoes Anywhere:

Princess Letizia of Spain is famous as one of the very fashionable imperial minds of contemporary times. Her love for heels (pumps, ballerinas and stilettos) is unknown to the world. She keeps it simple. A sequined dress (bodycon in addition to gowns) is paired up with simple and plain heels. On the flip side, a plain gown is paired with sequined and sparkling heels. Princess Letizia has her own trademark style that is a rage amongst Spanish ladies.

4. Style Is All About Taking Risks:

The best strength of Princess Letizia as a fashion icon lies in the fact that she’s not afraid of experimentation with her looks. She amazed the world by showing up in a blush long dress (by one of her favourite artists, Felipe Varela) in the year 2011 in a high profile wedding. She is among these royal fashionista’s who keep the media and people occupied with their latest fashion trends and canny outfits.

Makeup Secrets:

Yes, she is a contemporary woman who is smart, sexy, elegant and royal. She knows how to make her fruity and luminous skin shine even more. Did someone tell you that she is 41? Doesn’t it seem like she probably stopped ageing 20 years ago?

Princess Letizia is a routine spa-goer. Routine facials, firming and toning exercises has made this woman a body of gold. She sparkles her manner through public and can be found easily for her looks, style and even fragrance.

Here are a few of her makeup secrets:

5. She usually employs a green eyeliner (or brown occasionally ) to increase the radiance of her sparkling green eyes.

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6. You may always discover a hint of very light coral pink (or peach) colour filling her lips. It looks quite natural and the strokes are almost always perfect.

7. A bit of gentle pink lipstick (or possibly mauve occasionally ) makes her lips look postcard perfect. Though, this royal lady likes to keep it loudly on formal meetings.

Fitness Secrets:

8. Can you believe that a mother of 2 can still rock in an ideal body? Well, you will need to, after looking at Princess Letizia! She displays a perfect body which may embrace each ensemble. It appears to be her passion for unique sports which keeps her body in shape.

9. She is usually seen trying her palms at tennis, skiing and sailing. This gorgeous lady holds an adventurous attitude towards life and is definitely not a plastic lady.

10. Princess Letizia is a fashion icon in every sense of this word. However, her wardrobe, hairstyle and makeup don’t make her a diva! She is a smart and independent woman and that adds to her beauty.

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